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print (Guangzhou, China) (我乐网) is a leading online video sharing website in China. With an experienced management team from and, the company has developed an online video sharing and social networking service that allows consumers to easily create, upload, search and share video clips throughout the world. The company also operates a leading photo sharing service in China. was acquired by Renren (NYSE:RENN) in September, 2011.


Bokecc (Beijing, China)

Bokecc is a leading provider of outsourced IP video hosting and delivery solutions in China. The company provides a cloud-computing based online video delivery platform to tens of thousands of website customers in China and overseas. Through API docking with Bokecc, websites can immediately offer the functions of video play, interstitial video ads, live video, etc., without any hardware, bandwidth or technology development investment. Bokecc was acquired in July, 2017.

Cocoa China

Cocoa China (Beijing, China)

Cocoa China is a leading Apple iOs game developer and community in China. The company has published several new successful games including Fishing Joy and Magic Camp. Cocoa China also operates the largest iOs developer community in China. The company has established a marketing and promotion platform to assist these Chinese developers to cross promote and monetize their titles in the global market.


DaVDian (Beijing, China)

DaVDian is a fast growing membership-based Mobile Social Commerce company in China. DaVDian targets and leverages Young Mothers demographics given the community’s inherent culture of “sharing and recommending." For Mom buyers, DaVDian is a community that focuses on early parenting (for 2-7 age bracket), and which provides high quality products with an easy and convenient shopping experience. For Mom sellers, they can start and operate their online shops easily, from which they can get commission when goods are sold, and get extra discount when they buy for themselves. Moms can study and grow together in this community.


Fanli (Shanghai, China)

Fanli is a leading consumer ecommerce service and lead generation platform in China. The Company provides a suite of consumer applications that help shoppers find reputable online stores and quality products. For consumers, 51Fanli’s services include consumer opinions, vendor ratings, price comparison, rebates, e-coupons, and user reviews. And for ecommerce vendors, Fanli brings quality users with proven high sales conversion and retention rates. Fanli was acquired in July, 2017.


FunPlus (Beijing, China)

FunPlus is a mobile social gaming company that puts fun first for players worldwide. The company's signature game, Family Farm, is enjoyed by over 4 million players each day and growing. Founded in 2010, FunPlus employs over 200 people and is headquartered in Beijing, China, with offices in San Francisco, CA, and Vancouver, Canada. FunPlus was acquired by Zhongji Holding in August, 2015.


Globaltime (Hangzhou, China)

Globaltime is a social e-commerce platform serving female users in lower tier cities in China, providing selective overseas products based on members' recommendations.


GoPro (San Mateo, CA)

Bridging the worlds of action sports and consumer electronics, GoPro is an exciting technology company which produces the famous HD HERO® line of wearable and gear-mountable cameras and accessories, making it easy for people to capture and share their lives' most exciting moments in high definition. GoPro completed its initial public offering in June, 2014 (NASDAQ:GPRO).


Gridsum (Beijing, China)

Gridsum Technology (国双科技) is a leading provider of web, video, and search analytics solutions in China. Its cloud-based web analytics services help online businesses effectively track, analyze and optimize their Internet marketing campaigns across web sites, search engines, and online video. Developed, optimized and localized for the Chinese market, Gridsum’s products and services can also be easily deployed globally to other major markets. Gridsum completed its initial public offering in September, 2016 (NASDAQ:GSUM).


Netmovie (Beijing, China)

Netmovie (网尚文化) is a leading aggregator and distributor of video on demand (VOD) content into internet cafes, households and mobile devices. The company has developed a proprietary and cost effective end-to-end distribution platform for video content which includes delivery, payments, and customer support. Through their strategic, long-term business partnerships with leading global movie/TV program producers, Netmovie strives to bring high quality and legitimate entertainment content to the China market. Netmovie was acquired by Earn Wise Limited in May, 2016.


Shangpin (Beijing, China)

Shangpin (尚品网) is a leading social commerce company in China. Working with commercial banks’ credit card marketing organizations, provides time-limited private sales of premium merchandise and services to an exclusive community of high-end credit card consumers. Also, through its Vansky business, the company operates banks’ ecommerce stores (eShops), selling general merchandise and reaching millions of credit card customers monthly.


Troodon (Beijing, China)

Troodon (随手互动) is the leading developer and operator of mobile Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) in China. The company has developed a unique proprietary client/server platform for rapid development, porting, testing and operation of online games on mobile devices. The company currently operates several mobile MMO Role-Playing Game franchises, which are distributed through a network of mobile service providers. Steamboat sold its ownership in Troodon in August, 2014.


Ulink (Beijing, China)

Ulink provides Wi-Fi based Internet connectivity solutions to Chinese tourists traveling overseas. Ulink’s WiFi rental service is delivered through a device that converts destination countries’ 4G signals into mobile WiFi signals allowing consumers to stay connected via their mobile or other WiFi-capable devices while traveling in foreign destinations. Compared to roaming options, consumers get the same and often more reliable Internet connectivity at a fraction of the roaming charges.


UUSee (Beijing, China)

UUSee (悠视网) is a leading Internet television and interactive video operator in China. Through its partnerships with leading content providers and distributors such as CCTV, Beijing TV, SMG, and CSAT, UUSee provides its audience with a vast library of licensed content including popular television programming, news programs, drama series, sports events, and movies. UUSee was acquired in March, 2014.


Wosai (Shanghai, China)

Wosai enables small and medium sized merchants to accept mobile payments. They are the largest mobile payment enabler in China, leading by 2x in volume over their nearest competitor. Their platform works with just about any kind of electronic wallet: Alipay, Wepay, ApplePay, and the like.


Wuyou (Shanghai, China)

Wuyou is an Industrial and Commercial property online to offline transaction platform. In select locations, Wuyou provides site management services by dividing large rental areas into smaller ones.

Xiao Tang

Xiao Tang (Beijing, China)

Xiao Tang (aka is a B2C consumer app developer that runs the leading mobile portal called Tang Dou (meaning Sugar Beans) that serves women between the ages 35 to 55, with particular emphasis on exercise and healthy life style. Steamboat sold its ownership in Xiao Tang in March, 2017.


Youxigu (Beijing, China)

Youxigu (游戏谷) is a leading browser-based Web Game Developer and Operator in China. Building on the success of their Might & Hero game, the company has developed a pipeline of other Role-Playing and Strategy games. The company also licenses games from third parties to operate on their web game portal. Steamboat sold its stake in Youxigu to Tencent Holdings Ltd. (HKSE:0700) in March, 2010.


Yoyi (Beijing, China)

Yoyi Media (悠易互通) specializes in online rich-media advertising solutions that effectively and efficiently deliver advertisings to their targeted audience. Yoyi provides both impression-based and performance-based solutions for advertisers and publishers. Yoyi's innovative advertising platforms are used by China's top-ranked websites, as well as by many of the world's most recognizable brands. Yoyi was acquired in July, 2017. (Guangzhou, China)

YY is one of the largest social media platforms in China. The YY Platform ( allows users to communicate in real-time through voice and IM services on PC and mobile devices while engaging in social applications such as online gaming, karaoke, education, etc. The company also manages the leading online game portal in China, YY completed its initial public offering in November, 2012 (NASDAQ:YY).