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Gridsum and Tencent Cloud Debut Intelligent Voice Recognition System to Support Legal Services in China

Gridsum adapted the Tencent speech recognition technology to create a high-accuracy and high-reliability speech-to-text and text-to-speech application for the highly specialized legal space.

BEIJING, CHINA / Globe Newswire / June 16, 2017 – Gridsum Holding Inc. (“Gridsum” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ:GSUM), a leading provider of cloud-based big-data analytics, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions in China, today announced the debut of the Intelligent Voice Recognition System jointly developed with Tencent Cloud to help improve the efficiency of the legal system across China.

The advanced AI-enabled Intelligent Voice Recognition System converts voice into text in real time during court proceedings. The system leverages both Gridsum’s vertically-focused enterprise-AI engine, optimized for the legal space, and Tencent’s world-leading consumer-focused Chinese-language speech recognition engine. Gridsum adapted the Tencent speech recognition technology to create a high-accuracy and high-reliability speech-to-text and text-to-speech application for the highly specialized legal space. This technology was surrounded and integrated with/into a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) suite of solutions for the juridical system including judges, courts, law firms and corporates. Gridsum is working in collaboration with the Supreme Court Press to disseminate these solutions throughout the Chinese juridical system.

On June 10, the system was demonstrated to senior government officials, including Zhou Qiang, the chief justice and president of China’s Supreme People’s Court, at the Intermediate People’s Court of Chongzuo City in Guangxi. The system fully demonstrates the power of information technology and targeted AI to provide more effective legal services, Chief Justice Zhou said after the demonstration.

The Intelligent Voice Recognition System helps improve the efficiency of legal services in China by liberating court personnel from a substantial volume of routine work. It’s being implemented by more than 40 courts nationwide, including the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, which utilizes advanced technologies to spearhead judicial reform. The Intelligent Voice Recognition System is one of the most important applications of the two companies’ Intelligent Court Solutions suite, which can provide multiple services, such as long-distance court trials, and facial recognition of the plaintiff and the defendant. These form an important part of Gridsum’s broader Legal Services product suite.

The rollout of Gridsum’s legal services product suite is accelerating within China’s court system as it becomes a “must have” product through both the court system itself as well as other parts of the juridical ecosystem, including law firms and corporations involved in the legal system. This development underpins the company’s expectations for solid triple-digit growth in revenues from its legal suite during 2017.

The Intelligent Voice Recognition System will also be applied for voice-to-text conversion of Vietnamese and other languages to drive judicial cooperation between China and neighboring nations in South and Southeast Asia. This will allow the system to support China’s important strategy for the promotion of common development with the Eurasian countries, which is known as the Belt and Road Initiative.

Intelligent courts will strengthen legal services collaboration between China and its neighboring countries by assisting with the resolution of cross-border legal disputes through the creation of a stable, fair, transparent and predictable legal environment, Chief Justice Zhou said.

The Intelligent Voice Recognition System jointly developed by Gridsum and Tencent Cloud is a global best-of-breed product. Key dynamics of the product include the following:

  • A highly focused AI optimized for the legal sector: it adopts industry-leading voice recognition modeling methods and acoustic modeling technologies. With an ultra-large-scale language model – and through the application of machine learning to the huge amount of content codified in laws and regulations, court verdicts and other corpus – a customized engine was created to effectively identify and recognize legal terms and context.
  • Outstanding performance: with real-time speech-to-text transcription in courts, text is generated in milliseconds with accuracy of 95%. The efficiency of the trial process could be significantly improved. It supports custom “hot” words recognition, allowing the accuracy for names of people and organizations, and special words to reach 90%. The pre-learning mechanism for case files and documents works especially well for intellectual property cases related to Internet, chemistry, physics and trademark, with a 50% increase in accuracy.
  • Highly secured and reliable data: deployed on the private network of the People’s Court, its data packets adopt unique encryption formats and algorithms from Tencent Cloud, which ensure highly secured audio data packet transmission. Meanwhile, with an improved access authorization mechanism on the client end, the security of services and business are well managed and controlled; and it supports multiple backup storage of audio files, which ensures data security and reliability.

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